It’s the science or wisdom of Ayurveda, used to formulate each and every Rasasara product, that makes them so effective.

Sonia Lloyd Rasasara Founder Photoshoot

Before discovering Ayurvedic skincare I was forever searching for a skin care range that would balance and heal my skin, however most products, including natural skincare, only exacerbated it. Different ranges might start out well, but over time owing to their complex ingredient structures, my sensitive skin would flare up & repeat a dry to oily cycle, along with a new batch of breakouts.


Prior to developing & creating the Rasasara product ranges, I was passionate about Traditional Chinese & Ayurvedic dietetics. Study and practice of both modalities, eventually lead to my teaching whole food cookery classes, with a strong emphasis on healing with wholefoods.


During this time however, no matter how much cleansing & nourishing I practiced internally, via wholefood healing &  detoxification, I was unable to achieve the glowing balanced complexion I longed for.


I mixed up the skin care formulations recommended for my leading skin type, felt the results straight away and have never looked back. The relief in not having to keep searching was immense.


My skin type is what is commonly referred to as combination skin, when imbalanced I am prone to an oily T – Zone, red cheeks that heat up  after eating spicy foods or exercising and painful hormonal pimples that erupt on my chin.  People with combination skin often say they have both dry and oily skin and find it very difficult to choose the right skincare range. From an Ayurvedic standpoint, what I came to learn is that my skin type is whats known as pitta skin &  is very easy to balance, using Ayurvedic beauty rituals for sensitive or pitta skin.

The powerful efficacy with which the products worked for me was so visible that others began to ask me what I was doing and could I help them. This combined with how much happier I felt about my skin, created a strong impetus within me to share Ayurvedic wisdom.  So in 2003 along with my intention to offer products that have the ability to heal all manner of skin ailments, including the low self-esteem skin conditions can compound and perpetuate, Rasasara officially & successfully launched & became stocked by organic health food stores in & around Melbourne.

Being a long-term practitioner of classical Buddhist philosophy, mother of three, wife and small business owner, it has always been of primary importance for me to integrate my livelihood, spiritual  practice & family life;  I feel blessed to be able to say that Rasasara has given me this opportunity.


I would like to thank my precious teachers for the wisdom they have imparted so generously to me. It has enabled a ripple effect of healing that stretches from my own precious inner world, out to my family, to everyone involved in the creation of Rasasara and to the community of people that love and generously appreciate what we offer.